15 Creative Star Wars Treats

Geek Food

Having a Star Wars themed party and need some snack inspiration? Here are 15 creative Star Wars snack ideas from around the web.

1. Star Wars Macarons

Star Wars Macarons

2. Chewbacca Bento Box

Chewbacca Bento Box

3. Han Solo Carbonite Bars

Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate Bars

4.  Chewie Wookiee Cookies

Chewie Wookiee Cookies

5. Stormtrooper Marshmallow Pops

Stormtrooper Marshmallow Pops

6. Chewbacca Donut

Star Wars Chewbacca Donuts

7. Lightsaber Ice Pops

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops

8. Wookie Pies

Wookie Pies

9. Star Wars Cookies via Christmas Cutters

Star Wars Cookie Using Holiday Cutters

10. Wookie Cookies 2.0

More Wookie Cookies

11. Star Wars Cupcakes (Betty Crocker)

Star Wars Cupcakes from Betty Crocker

12. Clone Wars Cake

Clone Wars Cake

 13. Yoda Cookies

Yoda Cookies

14. Chewbacca Cake

Chewbacca Cake

16. Star Wars Cupcakes (Fondant)

Star Wars Cupcakes


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