Loki Fan Art

Fan Art

From cute to realistic and everything in between, Loki’s Army has been busy…

Loki The Pudding Master by liaartemisa

Loki The pudding master by liaartemisa

Loki – The God of Mischief by Mad42Sam

Loki - The God of Mischief by Mad42Sam

Art Nouveau Loki by artisticoddities

Art Nouveau Loki by artisticoddities

Loki Army Propaganda by liaartemisa

Loki Army Propaganda by liaartemisa

Baby Thorki by kakachan

Baby Thorki by kakachan

Loki by Feyjane

Loki by Feyjane

Brothers II by CaptBexx

Brothers II by CaptBexx

The Avengers – Loki by theDURRRRIAN

The Avengers - Loki by theDURRRRIAN

W. Loki by BBQfish

W. Loki by BBQfish

Loki: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause

Loki: Yearbook Photo by GhostHause

House of Loki: Sons of Mischief by Medusa Dollmaker

House of Loki: Sons of Mischief by Medusa Dollmaker


Artist Profile – Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias aka GENZOMAN on DeviantArt

Fan Art

Check out some of the amazing artwork from DeviantArt member GENZOMAN – Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, an artist based out of Chile.

Metroid by Genzoman


Rocket Raccoon Plus by Genzoman

Rocket Raccoon Plus

Marvel vs Capcom 3 by Genzoman

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Iron Patriot Plus by Genzoman

Iron Patriot Plus

The Legend of Zelda - Linkle

The Legend of Zelda – Linkle

Godzilla by Genzoman


Red Skull by Genzoman

Red Skull

For more amazing artwork check out GENZOMAN on DeviantArt and even more on his YouTube channel MrGenzoman.

Avengers Mashups

10 Super Avengers Mashups

Fan Art

What’s better than Avengers fan art? Why it can only be Avengers mashup fan art! Here’s a collection of some of the best & most interesting Avengers mashups out there.

1. Muppet Avengers

Muppet Avengers

Muppvengers? Aveppets? I’ll Get Back To You On It
by JoopaDoops

2. Disney Princess Avengers

Disney Princess Avengers

Princess Avengers by Jolly punzel

3. Charlie Brown vs. Marvel

Charlie Brown/Marvel by Chris Giarrusso

Charlie Brown/Marvel by Chris Giarrusso

4. Avenger Time

Avenger Time by Marco D'Alfonso

Avenger Time by Marco D’Alfonso

5. My Little Avengers

My Little Avengers by MegSyv

My Little Avengers by MegSyv

6. Kirby Avengers

Kirby Avengers by PAabloO

Kirby Avengers by PAabloO

7. Powerpuff Avengers

Powerpuff Avengers

Powerpuff Avengers

8. Tim Burton’s Avengers

Tim Burton's Avengers by   La-Chapeliere-Folle

Tim Burton’s Avengers by

9. Kitty Avengers

Kitty Avengers Assemble by Migs-85

Kitty Avengers Assemble
by Migs-85

10. Pixar Avengers

Pixar Avengers

Pixar Avengers

A Tribute to Agent Carter

Geek Outfits

In celebration of the new series “Agent Carter”…

Captain America


Agent Carter Spy Tools

Agent Carter cosplay


Agent Peggy Cater Fan Art

Agent Peggy Cater Fan Art


Agent Carter


Agent Carter Cookies

Agent Carter Cookies


Peggy Carter


Avengers Inspired Outfits

Avengers Inspired Outfits

Geek Outfits

Everyday outfits inspired by the movie version of The Avengers.



Captain America


Iron Man ~ Winter Avengers




Black Widow


Hawkeye: Winter


Nick Fury


Bobsmade Wearable Art

Artist Spotlight — BobsMade Wearable Art

Geek Outfits

Check out the fabulously cute & geeky work of Bobsmade.com. According to their website, Bobsmade is an art studio for individually designed clothing and gear, as well as all other jobs that go with visual art.

The products are customizable or you can choose standard prints. Either way the end product will be amazing. Here’s a sample of some past work.

Bobsmade Cute Geeky Custom Art

Bobsmade Past Work – Shoes and Headphones

Bobsmade Cute and Geeky Products

More great work from Bobsmade – Shoes and glasses